EFFI Foods will create an innovative portfolio of plant-based snacks with its main focus on prevention to help people invest in their own health without sacrificing great taste or ethics.

In addition to the foregoing, this corporation shall pursue general public benefit by engaging in and promoting sustainable business practices in the production of consumer foods, including, but not limited to, practices supporting environmental sustainability, and shall further pursue the following specific public benefits, implemented in the manner set forth in the subparagraphs beneath each such specific public benefit:

EFFI Foods’ operations will aim to reflect the values and principles of circular economy:

  • EFFI Foods’ sustainability efforts will be guided by the principles of a regenerative, restorative circular economy.
  • EFFI Foods will strive to go beyond an environmental-only focused approach to sustainability, and shall use an integrative, holistic approach in every aspect of its value chain, including sourcing, design, packaging, production and distribution of products.
  • EFFI Foods will aim to reach zero toxicity, net zero energy, net zero waste and net zero carbon, and will strive to regenerate and restore all-natural resources touched or consumed by its operations.

EFFI Foods supports a non-anthropocentric world view:

  • EFFI Foods will seek to integrate the principal of equal and ethical treatment of all animal species into its business practices.
  • EFFI Foods will commit to 100% plant-based nutrition.
  • EFFI Foods will endeavor to not harm, inflict pain or cause suffering to any living being and will produce 100% animal-free products with the highest nutritional profiles.
  • EFFI Foods will support EFFI Foods-led initiatives and non-profit organizations with shared future-positive stances advancing animal rights, preservation and sustainability.

EFFI Foods will seek to create a supportive and creative workplace:

  • EFFI Foods will strive to promote inclusiveness, equality and diversity.
  • EFFI Foods will seek to implement policies that support employee volunteerism in the areas of animal welfare and environmental conservation.
  • EFFI Foods will encourage participation in space programs to further the understanding of Earth's fragility and foster planetary unity.

EFFI Foods is committed to promoting and integrating transparency in its operations:

  • EFFI Foods will share best practices with the public and other companies when the Board of Directors of the Corporations determines that doing so would be beneficial to the world at-large.