Our Mission

EFFi Foods® is a purpose-driven food company. We are deeply invested in the health of people, our animal brothers and sisters and our only home - our planet. Through innovative plant-based and nutrient-dense foods, we are on a mission to create long-lasting positive impact.

"Food should never be a compromise between great taste, optimal health and the environment. It should be great through and through." - Carina Ayden, Founder

We look at food holistically:
 making better from nutrient-dense plants for peoples' health
 choosing better plants that are eco-friendly for our planet's health
 leaving animals off our plates to contribute to a compassionate and ethical world





Superior Nutrition

We believe superior nutrition is a human right, so we created a nutritional blueprint which serves as a guidebook for all our food products. There are 3 main pillars of superior nutrition:

Probiotics + Fiber 
Recent scientific microbiome studies prove the importance of ‘gut health’ and show its linkage to overall wellness. That’s why we established the gut wellness paradigm as our baseline and added dairy-free probiotics (Bacillus coagulans). Fiber also lends its helping hand to promote digestive wellness.  

We harness nutritional power through the perfect pairings of food ingredients where one helps unlock the power of another, increases bioavailability and/or completes the desired nutritional profile.  

Chickpeas + Nuts
The perfect combination of healthy fats and Omega 3s from nuts paired with the soluble and insoluble fibers from chickpeas makes it a perfect pairing.  

Chickpeas + Grain 
The pairing of grains with beans (legumes) goes back thousands of years to ancient culinary practices. Together, they complement one another, provide all essential amino acids and area perfect replacement for animal proteins. 

Baobab + Raspberry + Grains + Chickpeas
Vitamin C from Baobab and Raspberries help absorb non-heme iron from plant sources like beans and grains.

Bye, Bye, Sugar! 
Inflammation is the root cause of many modern diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Too much sugar causes oxidative stress and destroys our cells. Our unique recipe and cooking processes allow us to satisfy any sweet tooth, yet keep the sugar at bay, at only 4g.



Sustainability & Circular Solutions

EFFi Foods' sustainability efforts are driven by the belief that all company operations can be guided by the principles of a regenerative, restorative and circular economy.

EFFi Foods' philosophy goes beyond environmentally-focused approach to sustainability. Instead, an integrative, holistic and synergistic approach is employed throughout the value chain of our operations: applying restorative and regenerative principles to managing communities, farmers and all labor and human resources engaged in the entire design, production and distribution processes of our products.



The Future of Food

There are over 30,000 edible plants on Earth but approximately 75% of global food comes from only 12 of these plants. We are on a mission to create better foods from better plants by bringing eco-friendly, orphaned crops to the center of the food system to increase nutrient-density, resilience to climate change and food security.




Respect For Nature

Nature doesn't need people, but people need nature. Great food is a human right but it can't be produced at the cost of depleting natural resources, increasing pollution or soil degradation.  

The steps we’re taking to show our respect and gratitude to Nature:
 shift to 100% recyclable packaging and all shipping materials 
 focus on utilizing eco-friendly plants to help restore soil health
 prioritize organic ingredients and farming over conventional methods 

We aim to reach zero toxicity, net zero waste, net zero carbon and net zero energy whenever possible as the guiding principle for all natural resources, consumption, operational activities and manufacturing processes.




Love For Animals

We share this planet with millions of other species that inhabited Earth long before humans came into existence. In Earth’s billion year-long history we, humans, represent a tiny little speck. At EFFi Foods®, we believe in the equal rights of all animals. There’s no ethical way to take the life of a living being that wants to live.

Therefore, through cutting edge technologies and constant innovation we are committed to producing only plant-based foods with high nutritional profiles and great taste. Sustainability of human health can be achieved through a plant-based dietary paradigm shift.





There is such a thing as ‘giving better.’ By utilizing the principles of effective altruism, we’ve found the way to identify organizations that have the greatest potential to make the largest positive impact in the shortest amount of time. Our planet’s health, animal rightsand world hunger are issues that are close to our hearts and play significant roles in shaping the future and health of humanity and our planet

 Plant Based Food Association is the first organization to lobby on behalf of the plant-based food industry by removing obstacles to a fair and competitive marketplace for alternatives to animal ingredients and products.

 Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Nutrition is a non-profit led by Dr. Neal Barnard dedicated to improving human and animal lives through plant-based diets and ethical scientific research.The consortium of over 12,000 physicians, unbiased by corporate money and unburdened by private agendas, help people make healthier choices.